Monday, December 15, 2008

post 8: interlude as prelude

Hello all

Arrived in cambodia. much, much, much to tell (and perhaps i'm somewhat less misanthropic than advertised). details to follow.

also, yes, that's my haircut. i forgot to mention that i got one. i splurged and spent $2.50 at a nicish men's place where i was offered my first manicure. i declined.

finally, if you don't already know, i'm a fundamentally lonely and massively insecure person in need of steady transfusions of affirmation; small surprise, then, that i check to see if the posts get any responses and light up when they do (even when i'm being scolded). i also light up upon receiving private emails, pictures, and cash contributions, as you prefer. thank you for caring.

post to follow, once i resolve some technical difficulties. poor fudgie...


  1. Who, bro. That's some serious shit. I was only able to load a few of the photos on this thing but it certainly gave me a taste. I think I'll start calling you Renfield. You are a braver man than I, I think. Perhaps the "when in Rome" principal would have applied had I been in your shoes but I can't be sure. I'll make sure to play the Dead Kennedys in your honor. That certainly looks like a "Holiday in Cambodia." Can't wait to get to a computer to see the rest of the photos. Wow...E

  2. Ok, i just saw the rest. Bad haircut but not nearly as bad as the one i got in Saigon. Yours cost a lot more. i guess you get what you pay for. Phenomenal photos. My guess is that your "hotel" is on the near side of the river...E

  3. When in the "Posting" tab, under "Create", you will see two tabs on the right at the top of the textfield, one saying Edit HTML, the other Compose. Once you upload your pic, click Edit HTML. Now you are in the world of HTML. Find the photo's "syntax" and manually arrange it above or below your own text/captions, by cutting and pasting, so that you don't get that weird squishing as in "arrived in Cambodia". That's the only way.

    Who are those folks with whom you're eatin'?

    Would you walk out of Lord of the Rings in Cambodia?

    The item in pic #3 looks like a cricket, not a grasshopper, grasshopper.

  4. I too want to know with whom you're eating.

    And I want to see the pic that the little boy took of the picture-taker.

    And if I'd known about fudgie, I would've loaned you my sweet little virgin Mac. Perfect for you.


  5. I, too, would like to know who the mealtime companions are. And what was the tarantula like?

  6. Jack, if your not dead when you get this, way to go, brother! You are quite literarily and gastrotasitcally my hero. I would be envious of your trip, except for knowing myself to well and picturing myself bleeding internally (as well as possibly anally) from the spicy fire I would attempt to impress all that watched with, as well as the food poisoning which would keep me in bed for all but the first or second day of the trip. So, living the journey through "osmosis" (re: Steve's story about studying and the ladder - do you know that one?) will be much safer for me. Thanks! Randy

  7. Shit, I meant gastrotastically. I hate it when I make up a word and then spell it wrong. I've also now been exposed for reading my post, post-posting, and looking like an insecure egomaniac. Well...I guess that fits.